As usual with most information about Facebook and changes to privacy settings, there’s a bit of a kefuffle brewing about Facebook’s most recent blog post “Reminder: Finishing the Removal of an Old Search Setting“.  Many people are, quite rightly, concerned about this change however – IT IS NOT NEW.  This is the extension of a change that Facebook announced sometime last year and the GRAPH search changes introduced this year.

I’ve been asked what people can do to ensure their privacy on Facebook is maintained… and my first comment is – be an absolute and total control freak.  Login to your Facebook account now and check your privacy settings, and check them regularly.

It’s a funny thing – my hubbie helped his Mum join Facebook not so long ago, and of course I got a friend request.  The first thing I asked him was whether he had set her privacy – which sent him scurrying to the keyboard to make sure they were set right.  Privacy, is not something we think of first – and we should!

So how do you ensure that you are still private?  Be prepared to take a little time over this, to understand it and get it right.  I’ve created a screencast of my own facebook account and how I’ve setup my privacy settings on Facebook and hopefully this will help you.


The most important thing to remember with all of this though – is if you don’t want it public, don’t share it.  No matter how great the privacy controls are, accidents do happen and you can protect yourself by simply being sensible.

About the Author Charly Dwyer

Charly has more than 30 years experience in the IT industry ranging from hands-on technical, to high-level business management, Charly has installed and configured computing equipment and has managed business contracts in excess of $25 million dollars.

As a result, Charly identifies the best way to integrate solutions and technologies for the most cost effective way to achieve a businesses outcome.

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