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What is a DIY Website

As the name suggests, a DIY website is effectively a website that you build yourself, with the support of Ask Charly Leetham in your back pocket.

We endeavor to offer the best tools for your website needs. With our competitive pricing and packages that are next to none, we’ve got everything for you! 

What You Get:

Secure Annual Web Hosting

Your site will be hosted on an Ask Charly Leetham shared hosting plan. This includes WordPress and Plugin weekly updates. Find out more about hosting services here.

Provision of Premium Plugins

WPMUDev Defender Pro, WPMUDev Smart Crawl Pro, Backup Buddy, Gravity Forms - these are all included (with support updates) in our package.

Provision of Thrive Suite

Thrive Suite includes Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect, one of the best Page Builders and Theme Builders on the market.  Your package includes this suite of plugins and themes.

Microsoft 365 Email Account

Get a professional email address with your website and look like you truly mean business.

One on One Coaching

Included in this package is up to 5 hours 1 on 1 coaching with Charly to address any questions you have and learn how to use the tools that are provided.  Need more? We'll have special rates for you as part of this offer.

Join The Community

You'll also get access ot the Ask Charly Leetham locals community where you can network with like minded people.

Bonus content included

  • How To Ensure Mail Deliverability From Your Website
  • Using Cloudflare To Improve Performance


  • CRM Setup
  • Full Lead Capture
  • Online Training Courses
  • Membership Site
  • Podcast Setup
  • Your Own Community Setup
  • Coaching - 1:1 or Group

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