As many of my readers know – I highly recommend the Wishlist Member Plugin for WordPress to implement a membership site.  This is for several reasons – and the reasons just keep on coming, as the Wishlist Products team is continually developing the functionality of the plugin.

When I first reviewed Wishlist Member in March this year, I noted some things that I felt it was lacking… Since then, these have been rectified and I think the product is fabulous.

Integrated Payments

My main concern with the Wishlist Member plugin is that it didn’t integrate with your payment processing and cancelling members in your membership site was a manual process – this has now been rectified.  Wishlist member now integrates with Paypal, 1 Shopping Cart, Clickbank and QuickPayPro to process and manage payments – very nice.

However, the changes don’t just finish there – the plugin also integrates directly with several autoresponders including Aweber, Autoresponse Plus and GetResponse.  This makes managing your email marketing campaigns a snap.

Sequential Upgrades

The other really nice feature is the Sequential Upgrade functionality.  The biggest issue that many of my clients have when considering a membership site is how to ‘drip feed’ information to their members over time — this protects their content and increases the likelihood that a member will remain a member for longer.   Sequential Upgrade provides you with this ‘drip feed’ capability.  When a member joins your site, they are given access to the first Months (or periods) content.  After a pre-determined amount of time, they are automatically given access to the next piec of information…  This comes in very handy if you want to set up a Trial Membership and then automatically upgrade the user to a paying membership at the end of the Trial Period.

Get Your Membership Site Online – With My Help

I’m running a series of 7 Webinars through July / August 2009 that will walk your through EXACTLY how to set up the Wishlist Plugin for your membership.

I want to help you get started.  I’m going to run a series of How-To, Hands On Webinars, showing you EXACTLY how to  implement the Wishlist plug-in on your website and integrate it with Aweber, Paypal, Clickbank and 1 Shopping Cart.

I certainly won’t be doing all of this in one Webinar – I will be focussing on each section and walking you through it step by step.

Each Webinar will be 45 minutes, and I’ll ‘hang around’ after the presentation and take questions – this is really your opportunity to get the ‘real information’ on what this plug-in can do.  Here’s what I will cover:

Webinar 1 – Setup and Installation
July 21 at 9pm Eastern

  1. Installing and activating the PlugIn
  2. Setting up a FREE Membership Level
  3. Setting up a Paid Membership Level
  4. Granting Membership access to Pages, Posts, Categories and Comments

Webinar 2 – AWeber Integration
July 23 at 9pm Eastern

  1. Creating the Aweber List
  2. Configuring the AWeber list to work with Wishlist
  3. Configuring Wishlist to work with AWeber

Webinar 3 – Clickbank Integration
July 28 at 9pm Eastern

  1. Creating the Clickbank product
  2. Configuring Clickbank to work with Wishlist
  3. Configuring Wishlist to work with Clickbank
  4. Adding the ‘Buy Now’ button to use Clickbank

Webinar 4 – 1 Shopping Cart Integration
July 30 at 9pm Eastern

  1. Creating the 1 Shopping Cart product
  2. Configuring 1SC to work with Wishlist
  3. Configuring Wishlist to work with 1SC
  4. Adding the ‘Buy Now’ button to use 1SC

Webinar 5 – Paypal Integration
August 4 at 9pm Eastern

  1. Creating a new Paypal account
  2. Configuring your Paypal Account to work with Wishlist
  3. Configuring Wishlist to work with Paypal
  4. Adding the ‘Buy Now’ button to use Paypal

Webinar 6 – Sequential Delivery, Trial Periods etc
August 6 at 9pm Eastern

  1. Setting up a trial membership
  2. Automating the upgrades
  3. Manually moving members between levels

Webinar 7 – Mastermind Call
August 11 at 9pm Eastern

I know that after 6 webinars you’re going to have questions – I also know that you won’t think of some of those questions until afterwards… So I’m going to run an open webinar on the 7th evening, so you can ask your questions and brainstorm.

This final call will be scheduled for 60 minutes – and you can grill me with your questions – right then and there.

I’m offering anyone who purchases the Wishlist Membership plugin for WordPress from this site the opportunity to attend for free.  All you have to do is purchase Wishlist from this link before June 30, then complete the form below with your purchase details – and you’re in!

Not ready to purchase the plugin, or perhaps you have it already? Not a problem, you can attend to.  Visit WordPress Wishlist Membership Webinar for more information.

About the Author Charly Dwyer

Charly has more than 30 years experience in the IT industry ranging from hands-on technical, to high-level business management, Charly has installed and configured computing equipment and has managed business contracts in excess of $25 million dollars.

As a result, Charly identifies the best way to integrate solutions and technologies for the most cost effective way to achieve a businesses outcome.

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