cdOne of the biggest challenges that we as online business is the ability to create a suitable product that will meet your niches requirements and provide a solution.  Many people are terrified by the thought of having to do all that research and then convert it to the written, audio or visual form – I know it terrifies me.

What if you could just have one the ‘gurus’ in your Niche just tell you what works and what doesn’t and how to solve those problems that just seem to never have a solution?  Don’t you think that would be great?

Well, it is possible – you just need to know how to do it….

Have you been on a teleseminar recently? Have you bought a MP3 download that features one of your gurus on it?  I bet you have …. and you’ve done it because you want to know how this guru has been successful in your niche.

Now….. imagine this….. the teleseminar opens and the host starts speaking – the host is YOU – you are speaking with THE guru in your niche – and during the call you are going to offer THE most wonderful product to your listeners….

It really is possible – I’ve done it.  I’ve hosted teleseminars with experts in my niche …. and generated a fantastic list as a result.

However, it wasn’t easy!  I had to work out what questions to ask, how to ask the questions, whether to ‘script’ the call and just stick the script…. I knew deep in my heart that getting ‘original content’ from these gurus was really important – but just how did I do that?  I also knew that there was probably a ‘no go’ series of questions – things that you’re just dying to know but really shouldn’t go there…. but what were they?

I have created some great products that I have used as ‘giveaway’ items to build my list – and I have a hard drive full of interviews that I will eventually package to sell to the right group of customers.  There is no way that I can complain about a lack of ‘stuff’ to promote.

So really, I did really did o.k.  I get lots of compliments for my interviewing style, but I know I could do better… so when I heard that Heather Vale was releasing ‘Interviewing Unwrapped’ I knew I had to have it….

I managed to secure an early release of Heathers’ Profit With Interviews (or Interviewing Unwrapped) a week or so ago and I’ve been busy reviewing it and learning all of Heathers tips for a really successful and profitable interview.  I think it’s a great product – and I know that each time I listen to the 1 of the 7 audio CD’s or read one of the 3 workbooks included in the package, I will learn something new.

Yes, I have picked up a number of new ideas and thoughts….

I have completed a review of Interviewing Unwrapped at Profit With Interviews Reviewed — take a look at the review and the extra bonus that I have included, just for reading the page….

Oh yes!  I forgot.  Heather Vale is giving away a weeks worth of free training starting June 2, 2009 — it is going to be really useful stuff.  Simply visit my review at Profit With Interviews Reviewed and take a look.

Can you imagine being able to create your own product in 2 hours or less?  Well, by using Expert Interviews, it certainly is possible and achievable.   What do you think?

About the Author Charly Dwyer

Charly has more than 30 years experience in the IT industry ranging from hands-on technical, to high-level business management, Charly has installed and configured computing equipment and has managed business contracts in excess of $25 million dollars.

As a result, Charly identifies the best way to integrate solutions and technologies for the most cost effective way to achieve a businesses outcome.

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