One way to improve the rankings in the Search Engines is to have content on your site – preferably content relating to your niche.

Whilst writing this content yourself (or having someone write it for you) is definitely the best way, you can leverage the work of others on your site.

People are writing content, in the form of articles and blog posts with the specific purpose of having that content published on other sites.

Previously, these articles would be published to an article directory or article network and bloggers would have to reprint them from these hub sites.  That has been changing in the last few months – some networks have created the ability for articles to be published directly to member blogs.  Many of these require an additional piece of code to be installed on your blog (mainly as a plug-in).

This week, this changed… My Article Network opened and it will publish articles directly to your WordPress Blog.  All you have to do is create  a user on your blog that can publish posts, add your blog to My Article Network, select the keywords or category you wish to receive articles for and the number of blog posts you want each day.  It really is that easy.

I’m testing My Article Network on some of my niche blogs and I’m impressed so far.  5 stars from me and a hearty recommendation.

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  • If you do write articles to promote your site, my advice would be not to include them on your site as well. You may well get hit with a duplicate content slap from Google. There are article rewriters out there but the best one is situated between your ears.

    • Interesting point. It depends on the purpose of your articles – although, I will point out that when you are using articles to promote your site, the first site that is indexed with your article gets all the good juice – others may not.

      I prefer to write my articles for my site first, publish them and them repurpose them for distribution through the wider Internet – that way I’m leveraging my efforts.

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