Blogging Is Good For Business

Blogging Is Good For BusinessI get asked a lot about how a business can get their website “found” on Google. What these business owners really mean, is how do they get their websites shown on the first page of the Search Engine Results (you may also think of this as getting on page 1 of Google).  Surprisingly, the answer is relatively simple: provide good quality content, relevant content, regularly as search engine food.

Remember, the Search Engines ‘job’ is to deliver to relevant content to searchers – if they fail to do this, searchers will move on to another search engine.  As business owners, we can help Search Engines do their job by providing relevant content that delivers quality.  The question is, how do you do that?  You could spend a heap of time tweaking the existing content on your website – but that will have little benefit to you as the existing pages are already listed by Google.  For me, the answer is blogging ….. now don’t groan, roll your eyes or freeze up at the thought – bear with me here.

What is Blogging?

To me, blogging is the  process of sharing information and updates with your community.  A blog post is really a short article that is posted to a website and the article could be written, a video, an audio or even a series of photo’s.   The best article presentation depends on your own style and what suits your target audience.

Many people think of blogging as ‘journalling’, but it is so much more…. it’s a great way to connect with and inform your target audience about the solutions your business offers to solve your Target Audiences problems….

Blogging is an excellent way to help prospects get to “Know You, Like You and Trust You” and assist them in becoming loyal customers. In providing regular information to your community, you are also tapping into to some awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits which will help raise your website in the Search Results – making it easier for your Target Audience to find you and the solutions you provide.

To start blogging you need to have a blog.   A blog is a piece of software that operates on a Web Server and presents the entries (think of them like a diary or a journal entry) to your website visitors.  There are several options available for creating a blog and what to choose is the topic for another, much longer, article.

Once you have a blog set up, you need to get started and “just do it”… if you’re stuck for what to share, here are some time tested secrets for topics:

Solve Problems!

The thing to keep top of mind is that when people search the Internet, they are generally looking for a solution to a problem… something is causing them pain or friction in their lives and they want it to stop.  Be the solution they are looking for!

Be Human

People connect with other people.  Show that you are a human in how you communicate through your blog.  Does Video suit your style better – then use it.  With today’s technology you can do so much more than just ‘write’ your message…. video doesn’t have to be just a ‘talking head’ either – screen casts & movies are well within your reach.  If you’re a photographer, maybe a photo blog where you share your photo’s will suit….

Let your Target Audience know that they are really connecting a person, or people, not a faceless corporation!

Be Passionate

Let your passion for your topic, products and services shine through in your updates – people want to know that you really believe in what you share.  Remember, you are the sales person for your business, if you’re not passionate about your business why should anyone else be?

What should I blog about?

Perhaps the biggest challenge for a business owner who wants to blog, is what to blog about!  Look within your own business for the motivation:

* What questions are you asked most about your products and services?  How do they help your target audience?  Tell a story… share your knowledge

* Is there something interesting happening in your industry?  Have an opinion on it and share it with your target audience

* Has a celebrity or politician done something noteworthy that relates to your business / industry?

* Commenting on a news article or someone elses blog post on your own blog works well too…

* Do you have seasonal tips to share?

There are just some ideas… When you blog, you can become the ‘go to’ source in your industry for information.

It’s Time To Get Started….

If you’re interested in creating a blog and getting found on Google, you can join me on my webinar series that starts May 14th… Visit


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